special events

Rudolf and Santa have fallen out, and we dont know why!

Rudolf's nose has lost it's shine!

We spent the rest of the concert trying to find ways for Santa and Rudolf to fix their disagreement!

Paul Jordan had to meet santa, but Santa was sad - he had fallen out with Rudolf.  He didn't know why and didn't know what to do about it.
Rudolph was feeling down and blue. It's not nice when friends fall out.  The children offered to help out with this problem.
Squirrels sang Let It Go - Just "get over it" was the advice they gave - but that didn't work. santa and Rudolf were still cross with each other.
Pandas suggested offering some sweets, but that didn't work too. Zebras Suggested a Christmas Jumper might fix the problem.
Tigers offered diamonds & jewellery. Foxes thought taking Santa to Hawaii for a holiday would resolve it. Gorillas brought along a Christmas Tree.
Lions tried with Candles & Mistletoe. Koalas hoped Snow would Help - but Santa & Rudolph were still not talking. Snakes decided they should build a snowman.
Giraffes brought along a Robin. With all that Snow, Hippos thought it best to warm up! Then Owls decided a nice Sleigh Ride would help.
In the end we decided that it was best to just sit down, talk it through and sort it out! That's what did and afterwards, they became friends.  Afterwards, we celebrated Christmas and the birth of Jesus with a traditional Nativity, led by the Nursery. Everyone sung Carols.
The Mums and Dads joined in too and wished everyone "a Merry Christmas".  There was a great atmosphere. Everyone was in a party mood, so Paul got everyone to join in and dance - together!
  Finally, everyone danced back to their classes. Who do you recognise in this picture doing the Conga?