Educational Visits and Theatre Groups



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term







Yr N


London Eye (Family Visit)

(£5 per Child)

(£13 per Adult)

Tropical Wings

(£15 Per Child)

(£3 Per Adult)


Yr R



Marsh Farm


Upminster Station


Yr 1


Barleylands Farm (£15)

Local Area Survey

Colchester Zoo



Chalkwall (History and Geography links)


Yr 2

Visit to Church,

Mosque & Temple


Local Area Survey

Ragged School Museum (£15)

Victorian School Days (Theatre Group)

Samuel Pepys (Great Fire of London - Theatre Group) Katie Morag (An Island Home - Theatre Group) Florence Nightingale (Theatre Group)

The Chase (Nature Reserve)


Stubbers Outdoor Education Centre


Children learn best when presented with quality first-hand experiences. We try to incorporate as many Educational Visits into the curriculum as possible to help bring learning to life. All Educational Visits directly link to learning within lessons and are a statutory part of the school's curriculum.

We welcome parental support on Educational Visits, although we do not place helpers directly with their own children.  If you are a parent and would like to offer your support, please see your child's class teacher and once we have a better idea of numbers we'll get back to you.

In addition, all Yr 2 pupils attend compulsory swimming lessons during the summer term.  This is part of children's statutory PE curriculum.

We use school funds to subsidise the cost of all Educational Visits and Theatre Groups.  We ask all parents, where possible, to make a voluntary contribution to help us sustain the quality and variety of activities taking place.
As a guide, we've included an approximate voluntary contribution estimate, based on last year's costs.

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