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Top Tips for Maths

This year we have added more Maths-based Top Tips for Learning for you to practise at home with your child.  We chose this subject because despite being one of the highest attaining Infant Schools nationally, our children achieve less well in Maths when compared with Reading.  Also, many parents were taught differently when they were at school - knowing how we teach maths will help you when helping your child with their homework.  The key to all this is good communication: if your child is stuck or unsure of their Maths work then we will have probably spoken together already - but if not, pop in and talk to us and together, we'll see what we can do.

We have arranged the podcasts into order of difficulty - presented by our teachers and, of course, our Headteacher.

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Counting and number recognition
Counting reliably
Practical addition
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more or less

Telling the time (o'clock/half past)

Using a number line
Practical subtraction
subtraction using a numberline
Number bonds of 20
Place value (10s and 1s)
2 digit addition (not crossing 10)
Adding up amounts of money - beyond £1


Calculating change
2 digit additon (crossing 10)

2 digit subtraction (crossing 10)




Understanding the arithmetic in word-based maths problems
Multiplication of 2 digit numbers

Fractions of a given number


Division word problems involving larger numbers

Negative numbers