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Building Works Update!

October 2010

Lots of building works are taking place to make sure that we have enough facilities to provide the best possible service to our community now that we are a larger "four form entry school" . We were very lucky to strike a special partnership with the Local Authority and the London Thames Gateway Development Corporation to fund the works.  Once finished, we'll have:

1. A better equipped kitchen.

2. 2 new classrooms along the Yr. 1 and Yr. 2 corridors (rather than demountable classrooms).

3. A hall extension, so that we can increase our after school clubs and continue big community events.

4. More space for learning to take place, such as support groups.

5. Places for people to meet confidentially.

Although not all of our "wish list" will be able to be built, we are still very confident that these works will enable us to continue to provide a high quality learning environment for our children and families.

These pictures show how the building works are progressing.

There are lots of things on the building site that help to keep us safe.  Can you see what they are?

There are signs telling us to be careful. 

There are fences to show us were to go.

I wonder how the builders keep themselves safe... can you see any clues in these pictures?

First the builders dig foundations. It would take a long time if they used a spade so they used a digger to make the deep trenches.


They are going to pour concrete into these trenches so the builders use wood to make a mould.  This will keep the concrete in the right place and make sure the foundations are strong and solid.


The builder checks the measurements with a tape measure. Everything has to be the right size otherwise the building will be weak and the wrong size.


The concrete has been poured into the foundations, I wonder what will happen next?

These are concrete bricks, they are really heavy.  I wonder which part of our school they will build?
The builders have been busy making these wire tunnels.  I don't know what they are for, do you?

Keep checking this page of our web site for more updates. Neilcotts, our building contractors, are going to give us lots more photos soon...