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Easter Bonnet Parade 2012

Welcome to the Thames View Infants and Thames View Juniors Easter Bonnet Parade 2012. What a fantastic day it was. So many beautiful hats and a lovely, warm and sunny Spring day. Everyone lined the streets to cheer us on as we paraded past. Have a look at our photos. How many splendid Easter Bonnets can you see and which one is your favourite?


Happy Easter to one and all!

We are all lined up...ready and waiting for Thames View Juniors to start the parade.
Here we go, smiley faces at the ready.

The Nursery joined us too, don't they look fabulous?

A very cool dude in his Easter Bonnet, I wonder who is under there?
Whoops!  It's not easy balancing your Bonnet on your head.

Reception are eager and ready to leave, they've worked really hard on their Easter Bonnets.

Even the grown ups have their Easter Bonnets on. 

The parade is in full swing...


On the left we have Rofiya with some of the amazing Nursery children and their Easter Bonnets.  Thank you to all the parents and carers who bought children from both sessions along to the parade.


Mr Jordan leads some children across the crossing outside Thames View Infants.  Don't all the hats look good in the Spring sunshine?


Here we are at the shops... the shop keepers and the customers all came out to cheer and wave as we passed by.

Past the shops and here we are with Year 2.  The line is looking more like a rainbow with all those colours.

The line got so long that we had to wait for a bit... never mind, more time to admire all the hats!


Finally at Thames View Juniors.


Miss Shipley and Mr Jordan give us all a round of applause for our hats.  They are really proud of all the children and their families.

More and more lovely hats to see...

Yum Yum, I would love an Easter cake, Thank you Mr Jordan.


Thanks to Eileen and Viola as well, they are handing out the Easter Nests made by the children.


The teachers at Thames View Infants are proudly showing off their Easter Bonnets.

We enjoyed playtime at the Juniors, we could meet up with our family and friends.
Hello Miss Smith!  Off exploring the Junior playground with some Reception children.

Tigers in their Easter Bonnets...

We got to see some of the children we used to teach at the Infants.  It's great to find out how well everyone is doing...

PCSO Gemma came with us, I love what she did with her police hat, don't you?
All the family in their Easter Bonnets.

All the parents and carers had a lovely cup of tea and an Easter nest, as well as a good sit down.

Time to catch up and chat... I wonder if they are deciding which is their favourite Easter Bonnet?

Mary and Sully showing off their Easter Bonnets.

Miss Wright, Sue and Linda, all looking splendid in their Easter Bonnets.
Miss Smith, Mary, Rehka, Rofiya, Debbi and Billie, all lined up and in their Easter Bonnets.