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Rudolf and the Reindeers had come all the way from the X Factor finals to play a concert to the children. 

During their first hit, things went wrong!

Rudolf's nose stopped working properly. It had lost it's shine!

We spent the rest of the concert trying to find ways to fix it!


First, Rudolf wanted some sweets. 

Pandas helped, but that didn't get Rudolf's shine back.


Next, Gorillas helped Rudolf do some exercise,

but that didn't cheer up him up!

Then Rudolf thought that flowers might do the trick.  Giraffes brought him some buttercups, but it didn't!

Everyone decided that a nice holiday was the answer.  Foxes took him surfing with Mr. Wood... but no luck!

Mr. Jordan decided that perhaps Rudolf wasn't feeling in the Christmas Mood.  Tigers brought our decorations...
Then, it started snowing.  Snakes played in the snow.

Zebras took Rudolf on a sleigh ride...
... and, after that, Koalas went for a walk with Rudolf, through the snowy forest!
Rudolf's nose was still not shining and so Mr. Jordan asked Hippos for help.  They brought Santa along...
...and Santa brought some presents too, which Owls shared with Rudolf.
Mr. Jordan told Rudolf that we had run out of ideas.

Rudolf decided to think about it all carefully and Squirrels helped him.

In the end, Rudolf decided to "put his mind to it" and "try his best".

Guess what? It worked beautifully!

Rudolf realised that just trying was the answer.

Everyone was so happy that Rudolf joined in with Lions and sang and danced (with his very shiny nose!)...

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