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Everybody on Thames View Estate looks forward to celebrating Easter with our School's Easter Bonnet Parade. 

Fi, Hazel, Jackie and Mrs Clark always puts up signs around the Estate to tell people where the Parade will be.  Shop Keepers very kindly put signs up too.

In school and at home, children and adults get bonnets ready.

Hundreds of people come to watch the Easter Bonnet Parade and help us remember this important Christian festival.
Here are Owls - all ready to leave, waiting for their turn in the line. Mrs Goodfellow and Miss Kinsella are waiting to join the line as well.
Giraffes and Miss Lindo walked past waving Mums and Dad.
Here's Mr Jordan, helping Nursery to show him the way! Jan our lollypop lady waited on the crossing. She kindly helped all our children cross safely.  Can you see the big bus? We walked past the shops.  There was lots of cheering!

Who can you see here?

Here's Miss Sterzl!

Here is Fi and Mrs Hyde with Zebras!
All the children then carefully walked back in to the playground and lined up in a huge square.  They waved to each other as more and more children arrived.

You can see that our everyone looks really happy.  The Easter Bonnet Parade is a time to celebrate Easter with friends and to look forward to Spring and new growth.

We were very excited that Year 3 from Thames View Juniors came along.  They've promised us that they will come along next year too. Miss Wheat made a special bonnet.  It had a breakfast on it! Afterwards, the Lets Get Cooking Club gave every grown up a chocolate Easter next - yum!  The school council and Miss Lee and Mrs Harvey helped them too!