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Vjay came to our school to teach us about Bhangra dancing.  He showed us lots of musical instruments and he taught us about the story behind all the dance moves.

Vjay played the drum for us.

  We listened very carefully.   Vjay is really good at dancing.
The dances were all about sowing seeds and the harvest.

  We were watching very carefully because it would be our turn soon!    
Now we are dressing up in traditional clothing.

  I wonder if it is difficult to dance in all these clothes?   Doesn't he look smart! 

After practicing all day the children got a chance to show their parents the new Bhangra dances they had learned.

Foxes are carrying seeds to the fields.

  Badgers are sowing the seeds.   Squirrels are harvesting the corn.
Year 2
Doves are digging the soil ready to plant the seeds.

  I wonder what Eagles are doing in their dance?   Can you remember what part of the story Owls are telling in their dance?