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On 15th June 2007, we held our first, new-improved Car Boot Sale.  Lots of people from the local community ran a stall in the school grounds.  It was a nice sunny day and the school raised nearly £200 to help pay for School Visits and After School Clubs. 

What can you see in the pictures?

Mrs Goodfellow and Mrs Jessup had a clothes stall.

  Mrs Smith and Mrs Gruar helped out on the school stall.   There was a bouncy castle. It cost 50p for 5 minutes.
People sold things from their cars.   This stall sold jewelry and make-up.

  James had a big teddy on his stall.
Alfie's Mum and Dad had a stall.  They sold Alfie's old toys, which they had kept in their loft.

  Kirsty's Dad sold shoes and stuff for cars.   Everything was really cheap.  What did Aliyah buy?
On the school stall, you could buy puzzles, books and washed school uniforms.

  "Can I help you, Madam?", said Mrs Gruar.   Jackie had a stall.  She sold things from home and a toy Rocking Horse!
There was a stall outside Mr Hunt's house.   Andrew helped Hazel and Miss Smith on the School's Stall.  These books cost 10p.   Alfie and Andrew ended up looking after the school stall.  They were very good shop keepers!
We thank Hazel, Lynette and Jackie for organising our Boot Sale.  If you would like to take part in future Boot Sales, please leave a message for them at the School Office.