special events
special events
Thames View Infants In the Press
Easter Bonnet Parade 2008
Light Bites Car Boot Sale
Dance Festival 2008 Bhangra Workshop '08
Florence Nightingale Marsh Farm
Visit to Westcliff Tropical Wings
Sponsored Dance  Dance-A-Thon
Sports Day Language Club Performance
Fun In The Snow

Thames View Art Project

Easter Bonnet Parade 2009 The School Council Visit The Mayor
 Bhangra Workshop '09 Ragged School Museum 09
 Search for Santa - Christmas '09  Easter Bonnet Parade 2010
 Head teacher Elections 2010  Westcliff On-Sea 2010
 Thames View Village Show 2010  School Council Forum
 Harvest 2010  October 10 Building Works Update
  Fund-Raising Assembly  Red Riding Hood Pantomime
  Fun Day

 Rudolf's Very Shiny Nose -             Christmas '10

  Cross Country 2011

 Easter Bonnet Parade 2011

 School Council 2011
 School Council-Mayor Trip
 The Chase 2011
 Riverside Bee Hotel    Multi-skills at Jo Richardson
 Dance-Athon 2011  TVI Official Opening Day



 12 Days Of Christmas Concert 2011

 Our Wilderness Garden

 TVI Top Tips 4 Learning

 2012 Sports Relief Dance Visit to Jo Richardson
 Easter Bonnet Parade  TVI Diamond Jubilee
  TVI Fun Day 2012  Christmas Concert 2012
Thumbnail  Easter Bonnet Parade 2013
 Easter Bonnet Parade 2014  Top Tips 4 Writing
 Dance-A-Thon 2014 Christmas Concerts 2014 - Santa & Rudolf Have Fallen Out

 Comic Relief 2015

Great British Bake Off

Easter Bonnet Parade 2015

 Easter Bonnet Parade 2016


St Georges Day 2016

Christmas Concert 2016

Sports Day 2017
Dance-A-Thon 2017