school uniform

Wearing school uniform helps to create a feeling of belonging to the school and sets the tone for a good work-place atmosphere. Children should wear a School polo shirt, available from the School Office in one of 6 vibrant colours - lime green, sunshine yellow, royal purple, very raspberry, tangy orange and happy turquoise.  Children may wear any colour on any day, but they must wear a School-branded polo shirt. Trousers, skirts and pinafores should all be grey. Children
may also wear non-branded grey jogging bottoms too.
(Gingham summer dresses are not part of the School

Children should wear sensible shoes or trainers.
Fashion shoes cause danger and are not suitable
for school. Children need slippers for classrooms and

those within the EYFS require a pair of wellington

boots too.

Dressing appropriately for hot and cold weather

It is really unhealthy for children to come to school
overly dressed in warmer weather. Children are very
active in school throughout the day and wearing

unnecessary layers (vests, leggings, shirts and jumpers)

will cause children to over-heat.  It also increases the

chances of items getting lost as they remove extra layers

to cool down.  Please dress you child appropriately for the

weather.  In turn, we'll help them to stay healthy
(including empowering them to take clothes off and put them
back on again when either too hot or too cold).

School Uniform can be purchased from the school office.

PE Uniform
For safety and hygienic reasons children are expected to change for PE. We sell PE kits, including a "PE-bag" from the school office. 
Children will need:

• A white T-shirt and navy or white shorts.
• A tracksuit or extra jumper and trousers for outdoor PE on chilly days.
• Children do not wear footwear for indoor PE - it is safer to work in bare feet. Children will, however, need plimsolls or trainers for out-door activities
• Please inform school if your child has a verucca. He/she will need to wear plimsolls for all PE lessons, until the verucca has gone.
• Children who forget their PE kit will be expected to do PE in pants and vest.

PE is part of the school curriculum and is important for your child's healthy development; he/she will be expected to participate in all lessons.

During Year 2 swimming lessons, boys should wear trunks or shorts (which don't go below the knee) and girls should wear one-pierce swim suits (not bikinis). 

It is very difficult to identify lost items of uniform, so please mark clothing with your child's name using a permanent marker pen. We help children to look after their uniform but this is a learning process.  Despite all this care and good-intention, uniform on occasion does still get lost.  If this is the case, please try not to worry: it usually turns up in the end.  Our lost property is in the hall.  If you perceive that your child seems to be losing a lot of uniform, please come and speak to us.

Wearing jewellery in PE lessons is hazardous; accordingly, children should not attend school wearing any jewellery.

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