Thames View Infants School Policies

School Policies


All schools produce documentation, setting out guidelines, clarifying
procedures and stating expectations - covering various areas of school life.
Within this section, we offer you a selection of our own School Policies for

your perusal.

Click the below links for a downloadable copy.


pdf Anti-Bullying Policy
pdfs Art Policy
pdfs Attendance Policy
pdfs Attendance Guidance
pdfs Behaviour Policy
pdfs Calculation Policy
pdfs Charging Policy
pdfs Child Protection Policy

pdfs Code Of Conduct

pdfs Community Cohesion Policy

pdfs Complaints Policy & Procedure

pdfs Computing Policy
pdfs Confidentiality Policy

pdfs Collaborative Partnership Between TVI & Riverside Secondary
pdfs D & T Policy
pdfs Educational Visits Policy
pdfs Equality Plan
pdfs Equal Opportunities Policy

pdfs E-Safety Policy (Including Acceptable Use Policy)

pdfs Exclusion Policy

pdfs Exclusion - Guide for those with Legal Responsibilities
pdfs Fair Processing Policy

pdfs Geography Policy
pdfs Handwriting Policy

pdfs Health and Safety Guidance

pdfs Health and Safety Policy
pdfs History Policy
pdfs Intimate Care

pdfs Thames View Infant and Junior Schools' Collaborative Partnership
pdfs Accident Report Form
pdfs Learning & Teaching Policy
pdfs Learning & Teaching with ICT

pdfs Letting Policy
pdfs Maths Policy
pdfs Medicine Policy
pdfs Music Policy
pdfs PE and Physical Activity Policy
pdfs Policy for Inclusion - School Offer 2016

pdfs Positive Handling Policy

pdfs Premises and Letting Policy
pdfs PSHE Policy
pdfs RE Policy
pdfs Reading Policy

pdfs Risk Management Policy

pdfs Safeguarding Policy
pdfs Science Policy

pdfs SEN Inclusion Policy
pdfs What to do in an Emergency - Fire Instructions
pdfs Whistle Blowing Policy

pdfs Whole School Food Policy
pdfs Whole School Risk Assessments
pdfs Write-Off Policy
pdfs Writing Policy

pdfs Thames View Infants' School Development Plan (AY 2017-18)

The following Policies are for staff. As an Academy Trust, Thames View Infants continues to commit to locally agreed HR Policies published by the London Borough Of Barking and Dagenham's Schools' HR Service, which are presented below for reference purposes.

pdfs Appraisal Policy
pdfs Appraisal Policy: Monitoring the Quality of Learning and Teaching (feedback form)
pdfs Appraisal Policy: Monitoring the Quality of Play, Sport and Extended Learning (feedback form)

pdfs Appraisal Policy: Monitoring the Quality of PE (feedback form)
pdfs Capability Procedures for Teaching Staff

pdfs Capability Procedure for Non-Teaching Staff

pdfs Code of Conduct

pdfs Competency Procedures for NQTs

pdfs Expenses Claim Form (to be used only when expenditure has been agreed in advance)

pdfs Gifts & Hospitality Policy
pdfs Governors' Expenses Policy

pdfs Grievance Policy

pdfs Induction Policy

pdfs Leave of Absence Policy

pdfs Organisational Change Policy

pdfs Parental Leave Guide
pdfs Pay Policy

pdfs Redundancy Procedure for Schools

pdfs Schools' Disciplinary Procedure

pdfs Sickness Absence Policy

pdfs Sickness Absence Procedural Guide
pdfs Social Networking Policy

Collect Ofsted-Style Inspection Questionnaire for School Staff (responses will be treated confidentially)

Please let us know if you would like a paper copy of any of the documentation within this website.  We do not make a charge for this service.