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It is the responsibility of the Headteacher or the School Governors to deal with complaints.

We strive to provide an Outstanding education for all our children. The Headteacher and staff work very hard to build positive relationships with all parents and stakeholders and to offer exemplary customer service. Thames View Infants, as an Academy, is required by law to have, and to publish to parents their complaints procedure.

From time to time parents and carers will have normal and legitimate concerns about their child’s progress, achievement, behaviour or welfare, or about other matters connected with school. In most cases it is always better to raise any issue or worry straight away with the child’s teacher to begin with; however, depending on the nature of the complaint, it may be necessary for you to directly raise the matter with the Headteacher.

Complaints are addressed through a 4-stage Process, which can be viewed in full here.

The below is a brief summary of this process:

How to Proceed:

• Step 1

In most cases, it is always best to raise any issue or worry straight away with your child's class teacher to begin with. Most misunderstandings are often completely unintentional and our teachers will listen to you and do their best to resolve the matter.

Step 2

If you still need to, contact school to discuss your problem or complaint with the Headteacher. The school office will be able to help you in making arrangements to meet him. In most cases your complaint will be dealt with to your satisfaction.

Step 3
If you wish to take your complaint further, contact the Chairperson of the Governing Body for the school, via the School Office. To do so, mark your letter “FAO the Chair of Governors”. The Chair of Governors will address your complaint impartially and independently of the Headteacher.

Step 4
If your problem/complaint is not resolved by the Chair of Governors, you have the right to raise the matter with the Governing Body Complaints Panel.  To do so, please address your letter to the School Office, marked “FAO The Clerk to  the Governing Body Complaints Panel”.  It is the aim of the Complaints Panel to resolve the complaint and achieve reconciliation between complainant and school – and to help find a solution to any problems that remain unresolved.

When making a complaint, it is most helpful to provide us with your name and other contact details. This allows us to be able to contact you in order to seek more information (if required) and also, at the end of the process, to give you feedback and to advise you of next steps (if you remain unsatisfied).

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