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Remember to see your child's class teacher if you have any questions about your child's homework, or any other aspect surrounding their education.

How can I help my child with their reading at home?

By far the most important home reading experience, particularly for young children, is being read to on a regular basis. View our exciting self-help Flash Files to discover additional ways in which you can support your child's literacy development... You'll need sound too - so make sure your speakers are turned up!

Advice for Parents: Teaching Reading at Thames View Infants School

Good Practice When Reading at Home

Let Wise Owl show you important things to remember when reading with your child at home.

Advice for Parents:  Good Reading Practice at Thames View Infants School

Strategies to Tackle New Words When Reading

Nellie the Ellie never forgets the prompts you can give young readers in order to encourage them to solve unknown words by themselves!

Click here for a leaflet summarising these prompts.

Advice for Parents: Teaching Phonics and Word-building skills at Thames View Infants School

Sounds to Know!

Clever Fox will explain how to help your child word-build at home.

Letter Sound Practice
Clever Cat will help your child practise their knowledge of phonemes - essential for early reading and writing skills.
The Super Sentence Machine
Our famous Super Sentence Machine will help scaffold your child as they learn how to write increasingly more grammatically complex sentences towards the end of Year 1 and within Year 2... all linked to familar texts studied within lessons.

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Bumble Bee's Homework
Children working in Bumble Bees have homework every week. There is different homework for the Eary Years and for KS1 rooms. Please talk to Claire or Debbi if you have any questions about home work.